Tash meets LBP & Co in the 1960s.

Roy snaps the L B Pearson
Liberal Cabinet

Toronto. The well documented Canadian photographer Roy Tash visited Ottawa to record the illustrious, Nobel-prize winning Prime Minister Lester B Pearson and his cabinet. Pearson managed  to get our Canadian flag authorized in spite of the endless debates by the opposition PCs and their leader John G Diefenbaker. In addition to the flag, Pearson’s legacy lives on in the new name of the Toronto International Airport, the Toronto Pearson Airport, and in many social programs his minority government initiated to placate its NDP support.

Roy Tash (1898 – 1988) was born in Brooklyn NY and moved to Toronto about 1919 becoming a well known Canadian photographer last century.  After his death in December, 1988, we published an article in our journal vol 14-5 written by the late Bill Belier, our past president and editor who interviewed Mr Tash’s daughter.  Bill had known Roy personally  and arranged an interview with him in the fall of 1988 but Tash was too ill by then and died a few months later. Tash and his wife are buried nearby in Park Lawn  cemetery, Bloor and Park Lawn, Toronto.

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