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way too much, way too late

Toronto. The Contarex was Zeiss-Ikon’s SLR flagship. With some 1,100 plus precision measured components, it was an engineer’s dream – and a repairman’s nightmare. The $500 US  “Bulls-eye” Contarex was announced at the 1958 Photokina but didn’t hit the shelves … Continue reading

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imagine! colour in 60 seconds!

Toronto. With smartphones, FaceTime, Skype, etc all using full time live video today, a still colour print in 60 seconds is a big yawn. But, picture photography in early 1963: To see any  photograph – colour or black and white, … Continue reading

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megal what??

Toronto.  We have featured essays from the”Fans in a Flashbulb” site from time to time. This essay is entitled, “A Time Travelling Magical Megalethoscope View of the Palace of Versailles” and was published at the end of last month. If like … Continue reading

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clowning around

Toronto. Remember Emmett Kelley and these others? In this strip are many famous folk each with a camera of choice. My Friend George Dunbar asks, “The famous with cameras … Who are they?” Food for thought back in the days … Continue reading

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once a century is enough!

Toronto. In 1918 the world suffered a pandemic called the Spanish Flu of 1918. It lasted into 1920 and proved to be very contagious and very deadly. Here we are, a century later, and the world is hit by another influenza-like … Continue reading

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what’s in your wallet?

Toronto. Not to be out done by Airequipt, Argus posted a two page spread (pp 10, 11) in the November 30, 1962 issue of LIFE magazine offering 10,ooo free prizes in the “ARGUS HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY”. The offer was limited to … Continue reading

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le film noir

Toronto. In film technology (or analogue as they say today), the lower the sensitivity the finer the grain and the harder the contrast. Lomogaphy have announced “The Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8 35 mm Film”. This new film, at such … Continue reading

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and the winner is …

Toronto. Mid last century, companies worked hard to win a larger slice of the amateur photo market – especially in the USA, We saw where give-a-ways of non competing products for a few dollars and proof of purchase were used, … Continue reading

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ninety-nine percent sweat

Toronto. We find photographic collectibles in the darndest places – like non photographic auctions. Edison was said to define genius as one percent inspiration and  ninety-nine percent perspiration. If you search out auctions, like one at Skinners, and patiently drill down, … Continue reading

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Toronto. The Brownie Super 27 camera was advertised and sold in the early 1960s. It was basically a tarted up Baby Brownie: bigger viewfinder, built in flash, better lens at f/8, two speed shutter (but failure prone apparently), horizontal construction … Continue reading

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