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Toronto. The city of Toronto is formed from many, many neighbourhoods, one of which in the south east area is known as Corktown (really). If you haven’t a clue about Corktown or its people, you need to read Coralina Limos’s … Continue reading

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small club, huge impact

Toronto. The Photographic Historical Society (TPHS) across the lake in Rochester has always been a small organization but its impact is world wide. This tiny group organized the famous Symposium, generally held every three years. The group was founded in … Continue reading

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a great photo resource right here

Toronto. We are enjoying the expansion and flexing of our newest University – Ryerson. Over a half century ago the much smaller institute was called the Ryerson Institute of Technology. Today, it is a bustling rapidly growing university, ready to … Continue reading

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A great Kodak

Toronto. The August 13, 1953 issue of LIFE magazine (page 87) touted this camera that chose to compete with the pricier Leicas and Zeiss cameras of the day. The Signet 35 has an f/3.5 lens – likely based on the … Continue reading

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VM en couleur

Toronto. I have written a few times on the posthumous B&W images of iconic Chicago nanny, Vivian Maier. On November 6, 2018, the Guardian newspaper in the UK published a photo essay on her colour photographs. The colour renditions will … Continue reading

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lest we forget …

Toronto. The first world war – the war to end all wars – ¬†ended one hundred years ago today. Armistice was November 11 at 11 am. For many years we have celebrated Remembrance Day. Like most families, I have ancestors … Continue reading

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Image Arts Alumni

Toronto. The PHSC has many links to Ryerson. We have an annual thesis award for the best student thesis in their Masters program in photography preservation. Some members are graduates of the school including our journal editor Bob Lansdale. Many … Continue reading

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Camerama Show this Sunday Nov 11th

Toronto. Is there a Rollei you lust after for your collection or use? You may find one Sunday November 11th at PHSC member Gary Perry’s latest Camerama show in our fair city. Its a small intimate and cozy show. Easy … Continue reading

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high five

Toronto. Before the fall of Germany at the end of WW2, Dresden was a major camera manufacturing centre. Ernemann built its famous Pentacon tower building and upon the founding of Zeiss-Ikon, it became the central manufacturing works of Zeiss-Ikon. ¬†Sadly, … Continue reading

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Antique Radio and Camera Show/Sale Saturday

Toronto. The Thornhill Heritage Foundation and the Ontario Vintage Radio Association are hosting a show and sale of vintage radios and over 100 cameras this coming Saturday, November 10th in Thornhill. It will be held at 7780 Yonge Street in … Continue reading

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