W. J Moore Panorama Photographs

Moore-portrait-228x300Toronto, August 12, 2013. I am a fan of BC’s public television. Occasionally the Vancouver station (Knowledge Network) shows a brief story featuring a Vancouver area panorama by W J Moore. If your TV able etc company doesn’t carry Knowledge Network, you can easily view to station on the internet.

Vancouver Archives recently featured an article on Moore. Their link includes a connection to Flickr! and a series of Moore’s photographs. A century ago Moore bought a Kodak Cirkut #8 camera which he used in the first 15 years of his business.

Moore was born in Quebec in 1887 along the Ontario border just north of Ottawa. He learned the craft of photography in Alberta working for his brother-in-law Byron Harmon in Banff before moving on to Vancouver in 1912 and a professional career as a photographer in our great west coast city.

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