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Home Movie Camera from MAy 1929 article

Toronto. One of the headaches facing the home movie crowd was the fact so many different gadgets were needed to take and show movies. One idea was to use just one instrument as both the camera, and with added illumination, the projector.

The camera and projector idea was touted in the May 1929 edition of the magazine “Science and Innovation“. The idea of a combined gadget never caught on. Wittnauer (the watch company) promoted this idea again in the 1950s and 60s selling in Jewellery stores, with the same degree of success … (A few years ago, Bob Wilson showed us a Wittnauer camera/projector at one of the Show and Tell sessions.)

It seems a bit like the ill fated Shop Smith – a machine that combined various power tools in one. Great idea; an even greater pain to use.Thanks to my friend George Dunbar for sharing this bit of history from days of old.

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