Schneider lenses for the cognecenti

Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon lens on a Linhof board

Toronto. Schneider Kreuznach has been around as an optical house for many years – in fact over a century going back to 1913 when the firm was founded as the Joseph Schneider Optical Works in Bad Kreuznach, a small town in the Rhineland area of Germany.

I first came across this firm when I bought a used Durst M35 enlarger that came with a high calibre Schneider Componon lens (F/4 50mm) made before -s series  and apo- designs were available. In the late 1950s – early 1960s the company made a Super Angulon 21mm lens for Leitz in an M-mount. This complemented the Zeiss 15mm Hologon and the Leitz 28mm lenses of the era.

Our estate auction coming this month features a number of Schneider Kreuznach lenses, in Linhof Technica boards. Be sure you set aside Sunday, November 17th to join in this exciting estate auction with loads of quality user gear for the enthusiast.

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