play ball -1913 style

It’s opening day at Ebbits Field in Brooklyn – photo by Charles Stacy

Toronto. Sports photographers are a segment of photographers like PHSC member Les Jones who are dedicated to taking photos of sports games and individual athletes (and often specializing in a specific sport).

In the course of searching out photo history, PHSC member and good friend George Dunbar discovered this gem on the ICP blog, “Fans in a Flashbulb“. It is interesting because it shows the audience, not the players, and it is a panoramic photograph. It was taken in April of 1913 at the opening of the then new Ebbits Field in Brooklyn, NY.

When you look at this photograph, think of the excitement and history in 1913, a year after the Titanic sank off Newfoundland and before the world descended into war later to emerge into the heyday of the 1920s before crashing down once again in the worst ever world wide depression. A depression that ended with WW2 and its atrocities.

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