pitching the big one – October 27, 2019

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Toronto. The god Neptune used one, and so do we, but ours is a Hall – the Trident Hall in Etobicoke. If you hanker to expand your camera collection (or usable gear) be it film or digital, drop in next month at our Fall Fair, held in the famous “pierogi palace” on Evans Avenue in Etobicoke (west Toronto) at Islington.

Make the Trident Hall in west end Toronto your destination on Sunday, October 27, 2019! Food and a bar as well as photographic goodies will be on hand along with free parking (alternate free overload parking for late comers… ).

We have held fairs and auctions for about 45 years. Admission is reasonable – free to students with I.D. Easy access via the TTC. Come to the Big One and browse the items on the exhibitors’ tables. Buy/Sell or just enjoy!

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