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Headlighting 1974-1978

Toronto.  I had an email from PHSC president Clint Hryhorijiw the other day. The email contained a link to this book release on a site called, “BK On The Scene“. The book post was dated April 21st of this year and directed viewers to visit Jane Corkin Gallery for any orders.

On the Corkin Gallery web site was this article: “Thaddeus Holownia, ‘Headlighting 1974-1978’

“The images in this book comprise photographer Thaddeus Holownia’s large-format portrait series, Headlighting 1974–1978. This project, on the theme of internal-combustion-engine vehicles and their drivers, ostensibly ‘car culture’, is a body of work that has become increasingly provocative at the ‘end of oil’. It was Allan Fleming, the distinguished Canadian graphic designer, who first suggested to fledgling photographer Holownia—when he presented his portfolio to Fleming at the University of Toronto Press in 1974—that he might consider using a view camera. Holownia freely admits that this meeting changed his life. Shortly thereafter he began Headlighting, a series which originated in Toronto but overflowed into the US Midwest and ended with his move to New Brunswick, Canada.

“-Robert Tombs”

Thaddeus Holownia
Headlighting 1974-1978
59 duotone reproductions
66 pages, 12 x 18 in.
Hardbound, in limited edition.
$85.00 + Tax

Order at info@corkingallery.com.

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