not up to code …

1910 photo of the photostat (camera) room in the National Archives.

Toronto. Photography has many uses. One is recording work places for history. This photo of the “camera room” at our National Archives in 1910 makes me shutter! A fire such as the one that consumed a large chunk of our parliament buildings a half dozen years later could have easily occurred here too.

I imagine back over a century, the modern building codes intended to reduce the risk of loss of life, simply did not exist. When we operated a store here in the big smoke, we had periodic visits from the fire department to ensure we were up to code and kept the risk of death by fire to our staff and customers at an absolute minimum.

My thanks for this photograph of a very busy room in the National Archives back in 1910 go to George Dunbar. George is always so generous in sharing these rather rare bits of photographic history with us and our readers.

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