no wonder compact digital cameras disappeared

cherry tomatoes using the Samsung A32 5g camera via the iPod Touch camera

Toronto. The other day, Carol and I decided to trade in our ancient Samsung smartphone. We opted for a cheap cell phone and an equally cheap plan. One of the cheaper phones was the Samsung A32 5g model. It was black with 64Gb of memory built in and another massive amount optional by plugging in a microSD card at any time.

It had not two cameras, but FOUR. The main camera is a 48Mpx beast that makes optical zoom practical (the cherry tomatoes at top left from our garden are an example of optical zoom before and after exposure). This makes it the camera with the highest resolution in the house! A second camera gives ultra wide shots; the third close – very close – macro shots and the forth is the usual front facing camera for ‘selfies’.

An iPhone would have been more to my liking but the choices were too expensive or a bit dated now. Samsung uses the Android OS, and while it often mimics iOS, there are enough differences to be puzzling to this old Apple fancier.  Nevertheless, a cheap cell phone uses a camera far better than any compact digital. Plus it has the editing software built-in and can save images and send them (if you know how) world wide. Of course, you can also use it to text or telephone …

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