March 20 PHSC Auction

March 20, 2016 Auction. Click for details

March 20, 2016 Auction. Click for details

Toronto. As mentioned in a previous post, our first big event of this year is our March 20, 2016 auction. This event will be held at the Long Branch Legion Hall. Just click here or on the icon at left to see detailed times, directions and rules. All are welcome to attend and space permitting, offer suitable photographic goods and collectibles for auction.

A number of items have already been committed and photographed. The first photos are from the Loban collection. Included are tripods, a unique Minox enlarger, stereo projectors and viewers, and more. Click here then on the thumbnail of the Minox enlarger. You can then click on any thumbnail to see a larger view. Your left and right arrows will step through all the images.

We also have 9 foot, 5 foot and 4 foot wide rolls of background paper in various colours. plus many small professional accessories. Have a look!

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