Making Kodak Film 2

Making Kodak Film 2nd Edition. Robert Shanebrook

Making Kodak Film 2nd Edition. Robert Shanebrook

Toronto. Robert Shanebrook sent out an email to many people recently to announce the Expanded Second Edition of his book “Making Kodak Film” first published about six years ago.

Mr Shanebrook retired from Kodak in 2003. The first edition of his epic book about manufacture of film at Kodak was released in 2010. Now a 2nd revised and enlarged edition is about to be released. Target date is mid November 2016.

His first edition was a modest 94 pages covering the technology used to make silver halide films at a relatively high level. This edition, some 470 pages, or five times the content gives considerable in depth discussion of silver halide film manufacture at Kodak. Shanebrook consulted over 100 film experts for this edition, and added 225 more illustrations plus over 600 footnoted references. Most of the material in this second edition has never before been published.

According to Shanebrook, “The book is 470 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches and four-color printed on 80-pound gloss paper. It is gloss-film lamination hard-cover bound. Shipping weight is 5 pounds. It was printed and bound in Rochester, NY. USA The price of the book will be $125 after December 31, 2016. Before then the price is $100. If requested books will be signed by the author.

Note all prices are in USD. Visit Robert’s web site here for more views and ordering details.

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