let’s all go to the movies

1895 Lumiere Bros Projector and more – courtesy of Bridgeman Images

Toronto. As giant screen 4k televisions and a plethora of other computer based screens proliferate, the noisy ad-filled movie house seems destined for the ash can of history – a novelty dragged out to show kids how we were in the olden days.

But over 120 years ago, there were no movies, no television, no computers, just Tom Edison‘s novel one person at a time Kinetoscope attracting viewers in a side show environment- and a whack of others experimenting with photography and motion.

When I opened Wednesday’s Globe, there it was in full colour – the Lumière Brothers Movie camera patented that day in 1895. And for the first time in 1895 Europe a movie short could be projected on a screen and seen by more than one person at a time – an audience! If the projector concept wasn’t enough to attract buyers, the Lumière device could also take and print pictures.

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