last post for a devoted member

Toronto. When our close friend and editor passed away this month, his son Robert went to great lengths to see that his father, Bob Lansdale, was well remembered including the following message sent via his father’s email address:

“Hello all,

“On July 26th I and a beloved PHSC journal turned to ash, forever merged into one. I would like to make this my final goodbye and thank you to the PHSC for all of their support and encouragement throughout the years, from beyond the grave.

“I must also thank you all for the flowers. They were absolutely phenomenal. In return, I would like to offer my last ‘official photo shoot’ plus Photoshop work of the flowers and the flowers at my empty desk. It was here that I sat for 24 wonderful years to write and edit the journal, the last 14 years at this non-upgraded 2007 iMac. I would like to title the photos ‘The Empty Chair’.

“For 24 years my cork board, beside my desk, was covered with PHSC journal layouts. Today it is empty. I now pass the torch to the next generation of editors. All the best and good luck on the next 100 issues.


“Robert Lansdale, past editor”

Note. This post includes a British bugle rendition of the famous ‘Last Post’ that all will recall as it commemorates the fallen everywhere.

To see the final images, just click on ‘Continue reading–> ‘.

The Empty Chair 1 – familiar objects where he worked

The Empty Chair 2 – the famous 100th edition of Photographic Canadiana


The Empty Chair 3 – flowers for our late editor

The Empty Chair 4 – close up of the PHSC floral remembrance

The Empty Chair 5 — PHSC flowers upstairs sitting on a hall cabinet
designed and built by Bob for a Toronto Star DIY article and recently refurbished
by his son, Robert. The artwork on the wall is by Bob when he was in high school.

The Empty Chair 6 – PHSC flowers

The Empty Chair 7 – card added by our florist

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