Fred’s Back

Boys on Shed, 1962 – Fred Herzog
Old Vancouver, characterized by wooden houses, was a favourite subject before it was swept away by developments in the 1970s

Toronto. Most places have their famous artists. In Vancouver’s case, it was photographer Fred Herzog who took street shots of that city in the last century. The Guardian featured Fred in an article titled, “Lost Vancouver – in pictures“.

The photo article begins, “From squats to shops selling logger boots, from clapped-out wooden houses to neon hotspots, photographer Fred Herzog blazed a trail for colour as he captured half a century of change in the Canadian metropolis.

When Fred died at 88 a few years back, I did this post. Fred’s street scenes bring back memories of our Pacific coast province and it’s largest city, Vancouver. My eldest and her family lived there for a few years before returning to Southern Ontario and ##$$%%^ snow – lots of snow.

My thanks to my good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, for this trip down memory lane courtesy of The Guardian article.

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