east side, west side

Old CNE postcard used by the Toronto Sun newspaper Saturday

Toronto. Fall is here. The last day of the CNE for this year is the air show today. The Toronto Sun ran an article by Mike Filey and this old postcard for the occasion last Saturday.

Mike was an early member and speaker when we were first established (journal issue 1-8). He spoke once again as a guest speaker at our November, 1989 meeting. And he has dropped into the PHSC meetings since then on occasion.

Speaking of fall, its time to drop your remote and check your collection list. It’s fair time once again! whether you visit us in the big smoke, or sashay out to the west coast to see Tonchi, or east to la belle province to visit Sol or even (plug your ears, gird your loins)  head south, visit a fair, or auction, or an image show and augment your collection of cameras, accessories, ephemera. and photographs.  Remember, it’s fair time once again!

The title of this post was taken from a song titled “The Sidewalks of New York“, written over a century ago.

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