an ode to volunteers everywhere

editor Bob Lansdale
proofing issue 44-1 at
Aries Friday, April 20th

Toronto. When you think about it, tasks are expensive. We at the PHSC could not last without our collection of truly talented volunteers. Take for example our journal. Bob Lansdale is a professional photographer – and an editor and  publisher.  Bob has edited and published our journal Photographic Canadiana for over two decades  – since  January 1997 and issue 22-4 when he took over from another veteran, the late Ev Roseborough, who was also a professional photographer (and a musician).

In this photograph, you see him at our printers (one of the few tasks for which we pay) The Aries Group  in Etobicoke, diligently proof reading page negatives for issue 44-1 before it is printed and copies mailed to all members. Editor Lansdale is illuminated solely by the florescent light of the light table giving him an eerie look as he concentrates on a page negative.

I was the designated driver for Bob on Friday and chose to capture this photo while testing a Nikon P7000 – a gift from member Ed Warner, another volunteer who has taken videos of each presentation over the past many years. Ed’s videos serve as a refresher for writing speaker reviews for the journal, (some newsletters,) and our web site.

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