a light purple cast

using colour cast for an artistic purpose

Toronto. In the days of colour films we used the correct transparency film or adjusted filters while making colour prints from colour negatives to attempt to get the correct (neutral) white balance.

When digital images and tools like Photoshop came along, we spent hours fussing with colour balance to eliminate any colour cast in the shadows or highlights.

Modern day cameras and smart phones make this simple with an auto white balance setting in the camera, smart phone or computer software.

Lomography, long  a proponent of colourful cameras and special films, recently announced a revival of the easy to use (and reuse with any 35mm film) ‘one-shot’ camera with built-in film and flash. Their novel twist is to make the camera’s colour film ‘artistic’ by offering built-in colour casts!

Lomography explains, “Discover crazy color shifts at every click of the shutter with this creative camera – skin tones pop in bright blues, skies glow orange and golden gradients grace the frame. Portable and ready for anything – this pocket-sized Simple Use Reloadable camera shoots undeniably analogue snaps and is reloadable with any 35 mm film on the market! Made for street, action and creative photography this new addition to our much-loved family of Simple Use cameras is keen for experimentation!

NB. The post title is a riff on a line from the 1939 song, “Deep Purple” sung here by April Stevens and Nino Tempo.

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