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Cover – Annual 2019-2020

Toronto. A few days ago, I saw a car pull up to my garage door. Out popped Wayne Gilbert fresh from a mail run. He dropped off the PHSC exchange copy of the Daguerreian Annual for 2019-2020. What a great read it is!

Anyone seriously interested in daguerreotypes (one of the first processes announced this month in 1839). the preeminent process for the next two decades, should join The Daguerreian Society, if only to read their material like this annual and participate in the once a year seminar.

A few of our members also joined the Daguerreian Society. The society’s annual is a massive, fine resolution, full colour, letter size publication on semi-gloss clay paper available in soft cover or by special request in hard cover. While predominately American in content, some articles are by folk north of the border such as the past president of both the PHSC and The Daguerreian Society,  Dr Mike Robinson, one of the few modern practitioners of the ancient Daguerreotype.

A few years ago, a member of that society mentioned to me that the process was more revered in America than in the home country of Daguerre. The wealth of daguerreotypes made by American studios certainly suggest this to be the case

Enjoy the articles in this annual.

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