Camera Crazy by Salyers and Poole 2014

Camera Crazy

Toronto. Many camera collectors specialize: some with German 35mm; some with Japanese cameras; some with milestone versions; and so on.

There are even a few who collect toy cameras of all things! My good friend John Linsky picked up this book called Camera Crazy, written by Chris Salyers and Buzz Poole. As you can see by the cover shot, the book covers the strange world of toy cameras.

To many people toy cameras are a recent phenomenon, but they date back over a century to Kodak’s Brownie camera line. The very name Brownie was chosen to cover the little cartoonish dolls so enchanting to children of that era. Brownies were created by Palmer Cox of… GRANBY, QUEBEC, CANADA. The book continues on to the most recent digital toy cameras. There are lavish pictures of both the cameras and the photographs they can produce.


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