New Sallows Book Available

Sallows Photo Postcard Book now available.

Sallows Photo Postcard Book now available.

Toronto.  Last October we had the pleasure of hearing about Reuben R Sallows through the eyes of postcard specialist Mike Smith.  At the talk Mike mentioned that he and co-author Larry Mohring had an illustrated book on Sallows and his photographic postcards in print.

Mike wrote our editor Bob Lansdale in late November saying, “As promised, here’s the book flier. They’ll be available first week of December. And Larry and I would be more than happy to hand deliver a box to the GTA for PHSC members to avoid postage costs. PHSC members will pay the “show special” of $45 each for books not sent through the mail.”

Click on the icon above for a printable and readable poster. Email me at to reserve a copy for pickup at a Toronto meeting of the PHSC. Delivery is expected this month or next.

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