Spring? I Shutter at the Thought :-)

Samples from Vit Ressorts (saw springs)

Samples from Vit Ressorts
(Saw Springs)

Toronto. Friend and PHSC member Russ Forfar passed along this note from Karim Amrani. Perhaps you can find such a service in Canada. The value will depend on the cost vs. the camera and shutter.

“I’ve had broken springs in a British 3×4 SLR, you know, the springs inside the curtain rollers. I was a bit desperate as I could not imagine I would find a source for these.

“I did ! A company here (in France) can make custom springs for a reasonable fee. The company is vit’ressorts. I only needed a couple of springs, so they were 35€ a piece (which is reasonable when you have no other option).

“I thought that maybe some of you would be interested in hearing this… “

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