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camera boy

Toronto. My good friend and fellow PHSC alumni, George Dunbar spotted this interesting web site and the sample German stereo card added by John Robertson of the UK back on January 18th of this year (2021). Browse the interesting links … Continue reading

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China through British eyes in 1980s

Toronto. Russ Forfar often alerts me to interesting scientific concepts potentially of use in future photographic endeavours. This time Russ sent me a note on a new book by the British photographer Adrian Bradshaw. Adrian has been interested in China … Continue reading

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Cameras in Use

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me an email with a few images showing various photographs of cameras in use. Over the years, I have collected a few images. Almost all are portraits or family groups. Taking photographs of workers in action … Continue reading

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Spring? I Shutter at the Thought :-)

Toronto. Friend and PHSC member Russ Forfar passed along this note from Karim Amrani. Perhaps you can find such a service in Canada. The value will depend on the cost vs. the camera and shutter. “I’ve had broken springs in … Continue reading

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