Sara Angelucci Exhibit

Man/Elm by Sara Angelucci at the Stephen Bulger Gallery

Man/Elm by Sara Angelucci at the Stephen Bulger Gallery

Toronto. Stephen Bulger of the Stephen Bulger gallery announced that he is hosting an exhibition of photographic works by Sara Angelucci called Arboretum. The photographs combine images of trees and people.

Ms Angelucci, an Adjunct  Professor in Photography at Ryerson, is well covered by various articles and reviews. Her web site includes this information:
“Sara Angelucci is a Toronto-based artist working in photography, video and audio. Her work explores vernacular photographs and films, analyzing the original context in which images are made.

“Drawing attention to conventions of image making, her work foregrounds the cultural role vernacular images play in framing particular stories, creating histories, and memorialization.

“Angelucci’s work has developed from an examination of the family archive and immigration, to a broader analysis and interpretation of anonymous/found photographs. In recent photography, video, and audio projects, Angelucci draws from the history of photography, as well as natural and social histories, transforming found images and repositioning them within the broader cultural context from which they emerge.”

The show opens October 22nd and runs to November 19th, 2016. A reception will be held for Ms Angelucci from 2-5 pm on the opening day (the 22nd of October). Location is the Gallery at 1026 Queen St West in Toronto.

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