Where have all the cameras gone?

Bald faced Hornets drinking rain drops

Bald faced Hornets drinking rain drops

Toronto. ….to smart phones and tablets one and all.

A few days ago as my wife and I set out shopping, I spotted a bunch of bald faced hornets sipping water on the euonymus hedge at the front of our house. I quickly pulled out my iPod Touch (basically a phoneless iPhone) and snapped this picture using its fill flash option.

While the sensor is tiny and the file a compressed jpeg file, the result is quite pleasing. If I had to run in and get my Sony (or Leica) and take a shot with a “real” camera, the nasty little insects may well have disappeared. As I think about recent events I attended,  smart phones and tablets were everywhere while traditional cameras were seldom to be seen.

It reminds me of the old adage “the best camera is the one you have in hand”. Not only can you “snap” a photo with a smart phone, you can quickly send it to friends almost instantly, eliminating much education (focus, lighting), processing, mailing, etc.

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