CN Tower is 40 years old this year

Construction of the CN Tower antenna complex

Construction of the CN Tower antenna complex

Toronto. I lived in Montreal in the early 1970s. Every three months I drove to Toronto visiting relatives and at journey’s end, I would pass the CN Tower construction site, thinking this would make a great photo essay – like Peter Stackpole’s Leica essay on construction of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to Oakland in the 1930s.

I never captured the tower’s progress, but others did and one enterprising individual has posted those images on Flickr complete with a well researched and detailed story for each photograph.

PC journal editor Robert Lansdale’s son and namesake has finished his Flickr page on the building of the CN Tower after three years of intensive interviews and research. Robert Jr has posted photos taken by members of the construction crews on a Flickr page aptly titled CN Tower’s 40th Anniversary – Start of Construction. Each photo is accompanied by text. Click on each picture and scroll down to read the text accompanying the photograph. (Hopefully, Robert Jr will combine the text and photographs in a book at some point.)

Visit the site and share the beginnings of this historic Toronto landmark. Today, no matter where you live in the city, the tower guides you to the downtown area.

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