More Real than Reality: The Art of Canadian Composite Photography 1870-1930

CONTACT2015Toronto. The PHSC is delighted to be a Featured Exhibitor at this year’s CONTACT festival. The show More Real than Reality will be shown at Campbell House, which is centrally located at Queen and University in Toronto.  This year’s exhibition features photographs from member collections and is mounted by a triumvirate of post graduate students: Kaitlin Normandin, Shelsie Tunks and Danielle Varadi-Stayer.

In the late 1800s, photography was agonizingly slow making multi-people portraits difficult to take, even outdoors. Notman and others resorted to taking individual photographs and carefully assembling the resized cutouts to make the composite assembly ready to be re photographed.  This exhibition shows just how well the photographers of the day over-came the limits of their craft.

The public is welcome to visit Campbell House and the exhibit any time during May 1 to 31 when CONTACT is hosted at many locations in Toronto. Click the icon at left or here for more details on CONTACT 2015, Campbell House, and the PHSC exhibition.

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