Krentz and Hubbell to speak at April 19th Image Show

deckleWe are pleased to learn from our Vice President, Ashley Cook, that two speakers will be presenting at PHSC’s coming Image Show. If you have images for sale and haven’t yet arranged for a table, click here for the Vendor Form.

Regular readers of Photographic Canadiana will already be familiar with the work of Anna Krentz, this year’s PPCM Thesis Prize winner. We are delighted to have her present her thesis, “Snapshots with an Edge: A Study of The Deckle Edge in the North American Snapshot.Anna’s research examines the formerly undefined dates of the deckle edge snapshot’s popularity, the various devices used to create the deckle edge, and the multiplicities of edge variation blanketed under the term “deckle edge,” the appearance of the deckle edge in Kodak advertising, and the routes by which the deckle edge came to the snapshot. Her research further demonstrates the value of approaching snapshots as dynamic, physical objects, and that information can be derived from their non-image areas.

Second, we will be joined by Jeff Hubbell of Ports Toronto for a seldom seen view into the Ports Toronto Archives and a recent photographic exhibition to celebrate Toronto’s waterfront, “Making Connections to Toronto’s Waterfront – A Historical Retrospective.” As the resident archivist at Ports Toronto (formerly known at the Toronto Port Authority), Jeff will be giving us an interesting glimpse at the early days of Toronto’s waterfront using the historic photographs from the exhibition to chronicle its evolution from swampland and ramshackle shoreline to industrial port to a vibrant neighbourhood and place to work.

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