Newsletter 12-7

Our editor has out done himself with a huge newsletter – just click the image below to read and print this latest issue of our fabulous and free pdf document.

From left: Front cover, Fall Fair “Big One”, Boris Spremo, PhotoEd,Daniel Renaud our September speaker, the earliest daylight developing tank,Ryerson Image Centre, fall shows, and net news including Leica M (no number)

This issue reviews Daniel Renaud’s timely discussion of how modern DSLR cameras have revolutionized the video world, the specials we will have this Sunday at our fall fair, News of the Ryerson Image Centre and its world famous image collections, The various fall shows past and future, an offer for the Graflex Quarterly, PhotoEd magazine special, The Boris Spremo exhibit, one of three special events at our Sunday Show, News from the Net, An article on the earliest daylight developing tank, the STANDA, and many more items of interest to the camera and image collector. Just click the above image and go for it!

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