spring bloomers, spring roomers

a prototype film camera?

Toronto. Isn’t it great? Spring is here! Flowers! Grass! Bugs! Sunshine and showers! Kodak moments one and all. And of course rumours.

Digital technology has had an horrific impact on the photographic industry. The landscape is littered with dead corporations who failed to leap the digital divide.  The surviving few managed to successfully reinvent themselves as digital companies.

But film simply refuses to die, becoming a niche market for the brave. In fact, we recently heard that one German camera maker who made the leap to digital and lived, may decide to dip a toe back in the film world.

Here’s the story: One of our reporters spotted the prototype above in a skunkworks hidden in the Okefenokee Swamp at the top of Florida where it pushes against Georgia. The company, Leica Camera AG, in contemplating film to augment its digital business is considering a cheaper, all plastic, injection molded camera.  Rumour says it will be made next year in a Chinese factory specializing in plastics. Further, it will first be available in China, possibly surpassing the success of last century’s Seagull line in that country.

It’s thought that such a film camera will be ready in sufficient numbers to reach the Chinese market as of next April 1st…

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