two for the show …

1935 high speed movie camera (Electronics Dec 1935)

Toronto. I began working for Bell just months after Toll Area was formed. In those days Bell Labs in New Jersey did a wide variety of research. This article from the December, 1935 issue of Electronics tells of the collaboration between Kodak and the Labs that resulted in a high speed (3,000 frames per second) movie camera furthering scientific research.

Not your usual camera or movie post, but one that shows the wide ranging incursion of photography in all aspects of industry and life! As an aside, the editor of the day at Electronics was Keith Henney, the editor-in-chief of “Radio Engineers Handbook” which I bought in 1958 and still have to this day (also own a copy of Fink’s book on TV Engineering).

Have a look at the December 1935 Electronics and especially the article on the Kodak/Bell Labs movie camera starting on page 7. My thanks to good friend George Dunbar who unearthed this story while searching for photographic history articles and advertisements.

NB. The title is part of the old catch phrase, “One for the money, and two for the show. Three to get ready and four to go* which I often heard as a youngster.

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