metal detectors and photography

Victorian photo broach discovered in a field near Oswestry, UK

Toronto. You may think metal detectors and photography have little in common but sometimes they do! When I was young, I saw pictures of people using war surplus metal detectors to find “buried treasure” – usually a few coins and lots of junk.

Today, in the UK it is a hobby. So called “detectorists” search local fields for signs of lost civilizations. There is even a TV show (a comedy) on the art and its discoveries. Last fall, a hobbyist discovered an old Victorian broach and enclosed photo buried in a field in Oswestry. He posted an image of his find on social media, and to his delight, found out the name of the lady whose photo graced the broach.

The details are shown here. A big thank you to my friend and fellow PHSC member Celio Barreto. Celio handles our Toronto programme, Instagram account, and coordinates all ZOOM meetings while being a full time instructor at Seneca College in Toronto.

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