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antique digital

Toronto. Anyone born this century likely thinks digital is normal – smartphones , television, streaming (voice, music and videos), photography, etc. Over a century ago, some technologies like telegraph or radio were digital – messages send at a distance over … Continue reading

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metal detectors and photography

Toronto. You may think metal detectors and photography have little in common but sometimes they do! When I was young, I saw pictures of people using war surplus metal detectors to find “buried treasure” – usually a few coins and … Continue reading

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both sides now

Toronto. Most of us collect photographs as well as cameras, equipment, books, ephemera, etc. The photographs are usually selected for their process, quality, studio, or possibly subject matter. The picture at left is a positive image of a 4×5 dry … Continue reading

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megal what??

Toronto.  We have featured essays from the”Fans in a Flashbulb” site from time to time. This essay is entitled, “A Time Travelling Magical Megalethoscope View of the Palace of Versailles” and was published at the end of last month. If like … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2019 All!

Toronto. Lots of snow. Green snow? Ho Ho Ho. Click on the birds to see the website I used.

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I’ll drink to that!

Toronto. The folks at Lomography are at it again! They have introduced more photographic history in a hands-on DIY way. Their latest venture is a Sutton liquid lens kit. This lens was introduced in the Victorian era by Thomas Sutton. … Continue reading

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Notman Exhibit at McCord 2016-2017

Toronto. The major repository for all things Notman is the McCord Museum in Montreal across Sherbrooke from McGill University. McCord mounted a Notman exhibition to be displayed from November 4, 2016 to next spring, March 26, 2017. The exhibition was … Continue reading

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PHSC News 16-5

Toronto. Editor David Bridge in conjunction with Sonja Pushchak and John Morden have come up with a second issue of the sparkling new version of our newsletter. The lead article covers a favourite Victorian pastime  – natural magic through photography… … Continue reading

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