and who might you be?

Who is She?

Toronto, … asked my wife’s 90+ year old aunt many years ago. ┬áThe image at left was recently developed. It was from an exposed roll of film (from a bulk roll) exposed in the 1930s Leica IIIa. The film was in a Leitz brass cassette that was likely purchased some years ago, possibly with the IIIa.

As the BBC recently stated, “Camera collector William Fagan obtained a number of film cassettes some years ago, when he bought a Leica IIIa.” Assuming the photo was taken in Europe before WW2, the lady would be over 100 years old today. Perhaps she became a mother and grandmother, then her children or grandchildren may recognize her.

Visit the BBC site for the story and more photos of the trip to Switzerland and Italy. Let us know at if you do recognize the photo – no reward, just the satisfaction of helping solve a mystery.

My thanks to two friends and PHSC members – George Dunbar and Russ Forfar. They both took the time to alert me about this story.


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