a wonderful talk on photographic history

Girls at Switchboard, courtesy of Luminous-Lint

Toronto. It seems everyone has gone on line in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Founder Alan Griffiths of Luminous-Lint fame (down in Halifax, NS) will be speaking this coming August 9th (Sunday). As with some of these talks, there is a small fee involved.

Alan says his talk is, “An introduction to Luminous-Lint with ample time for questions.

“Grasping the complexity of photohistory is dependent upon research, analysis and the creation of visual examples and texts that clarify the issues. Luminous-Lint seeks to delve deep to spot the trends but always using the photographs as the research base.

“Since 2005 Luminous-Lint has been working from the images towards the arguments and explanatory texts. By bringing together over 100,000 hand-picked images from over 3,600 public and private collections one can start to see patterns. For the last seven years the major concentration of effort has been on how to construct increasingly meaningful histories of photography. These started out as naive pages on different genres and regions of the world but they are now evolving into well-structured pieces and some have grown into book-sized topics illustrated with thousands of examples.

“This illustrated talk will provide an overview to Luminous-Lint, how it all comes together and why. It will be a light-hearted romp but will give you meaningful insights into the history, present situation and future plans for Luminous-Lint.

“Many of you subscribe to Luminous-Lint and provide photographs and information to enhance it. This is a rare opportunity to see what is going on at a very personal level.

“Space will be limited so book early.”

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