you scratch my back …

LFE ad for a Revere 1966 camera offer by Scotch Tape (USA only).

Toronto. … and I’ll scratch yours. Or so the saying goes. In an August 5th, 1966 ad on page 71 of LIFE magazine, Scotch tape maker 3M in Minnesota collaborated with camera maker Revere to offer a Kodak 126 cartridge camera for just $3.95 US plus a plaid tab from  a roll of Scotch tape.

The offer was, “Not good in Canada”. While LIFE magazine was sold here, its contents, editorial and commercial, were solidly American. Many of the products advertised in LIFE were also sold here from branch offices or separate companies. Some goods were manufactured here, others imported, either in parts or fully assembled.

Revere, better know for inexpensive 8mm movie cameras, made a few still cameras too. The camera offered, a “Revere Automatic 500”, was nothing more than a glorified box camera. Other models of the camera offered a flash cube mechanism and an exposure meter. The limitation to American addresses usually indicated the products were distributed in Canada by an independent company who elected not to offer the same “deal”.

My thanks goes out to friend George Dunbar who shared his research with me.

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