green and it’s gone

Girl in front of green screen courtesy of PictureYouth, CC BY 2.0, ?curid=25763598.

Toronto. Have you ever watched a girl like this showing off fashion articles in exotic places? Or a weather girl on TV and saw the various detailed weather maps and videos behind her? Or joined a ZOOM meeting where participants have backgrounds of familiar photos?

The concept used to merge two images is actually over a century old! It is sometimes known as Chroma Key since the secret is to make a selected colour in the foreground transparent so the background image can show through.

As the person in the foreground moves around, the background looks like a solid picture. Sometimes the person uses a colour too close to the one selected for transparency and that area suddenly becomes transparent too and the back ground shines through.

Today, the internet offers videos, articles, apps, etc. showing how you at home can create things once seen only in the movies or on television.

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