on the banks of the river Mara

Immortal by Kyriakos Kaziras

Toronto. I guess you won’t be visiting France any time soon. However; the Galerie GADCOLLECTION is still there and needs your support in this year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The galerie represents many photographers. Featured is the Greek photographer Kyrianos Kaziras and his series “On the Banks of the River Mara”. The river Mara is in Kenya so you can imagine the photographs he took.

The galerie writes, “Kyriakos KAZIRAS was born in Athens in 1966. He encountered photography at the early age of seven, when he received his first camera. His paternal grandfather was a painter and his maternal grandfather a photographer. This gave him the opportunity during his younger years to develop a strong affinity with art and picture composition.

“His parents moved to Geneva and the young Kyriakos KAZIRAS learnt French there. He studied French literature at the Sorbonne. At the same time, he has kept on practicing photography and he bought a second hand Praktika [Praktica], a medium-format camera. After graduating, he worked for a society specialized in staging shop windows, when photography caught him back.

“It was during a trip to Zimbabwe that Kyriakos KAZIRAS felt the urge to photograph. The African landscapes, with their vivid lights and the wild animals, acted as a catalyst for Kyriakos KAZIRAS’ photo passion, which was until that moment only a hobby. Thereafter, Kyriakos KAZIRAS went on excursions all around the world, meeting men and animals to photograph them, a personal way to report the magic beauty and the fragility of our planet.”

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