a Kodak moment …

A Kodak digital back and sensor for a Nikon N90s

Toronto. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Kodak produced a series of professional digital cameras in its Digital Camera System (DCS) using  a Kodak sensor and electronics plus a Nikon  or Canon film camera. My friend John Linsky called me the other day (which resulted in this post). He had a weird Nikon with a Kodak badged thing hanging below the camera. The Nikon was an N90s on top of a Kodak DCS 400.

The camera was very expensive in the 1990s and was intended for professional photographers working for  major newspapers or newswires. The paltry resolution of the Kodak sensor was offset by the speedy transmission to the newspaper or wire service without need for film processing. Back then, newspapers were mainly black and white documents. They used the halftone process of the day which made the 1.5 or so megapixel images more than adequate.

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