copy that!

top of the line Reprovit-II by Leitz for the MDa camera or an SLR (with attachment)

Toronto. One of the tasks a serious photographer does is copy work. It can be a book, a photo, a camera, a lens, accessories, negatives, bugs, stamps, etc. When a great many items must be copied, a copy stand is necessary for efficiency. Lighting at 45 degrees on both sides makes for a good copy with neither glare nor deep shadows.

Copy stands can range from massive professional stands like the Reprovit-II made by Leitz to cheap amateur stands made to take many different makes of SLR cameras. A popular well built brand favoured by professionals who do occasional copies is the Kaiser line.

For film or digital, come down to our photographica-fair this month, or our estate auction in November. A copy stand might just catch your eye…

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