need a Flektogon 25mm plus an Exakta?

Exakta c1960 with f/4 25mm Zeiss Flektogon lens

Toronto. The Exakta brand is well known in collector and user circles. Exaktas were the earliest 35mm (kine) SLRs and were available new into the 1960s. The Flektogon f/4 25mm lens made by Zeiss Jena was only made for about three years (1960-62) making it far rarer.

The Flektogon was sold for the Exakta mount or a Leica M42 mount. ¬†You may be able to find one at our fall fair in a couple of weeks, or as a lot next month in our estate auction. What makes this lens attractive is its ancestry (Zeiss) and extreme wide-angle, especially for an SLR camera design. A retro focus design (reverse telephoto) was mandatory for even many normal lens to clear the camera’s mirror.

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