scary movies

Castle Films super 8 mm Horror Movie with a giant tarantula spider

Toronto. Terry Lagler dropped by Wednesday at our regular Toronto meeting to show two reels of Castle Movie compilations.

The theme was horror movies in general and halloween in particular. The show began with “Spooks“, featuring Flip the Frog in an old 1932 cartoon about skeletons followed by a number of horror movies.  The bad guys were the usual lot from the 1800s books – Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, Wolfman, etc. In the post atomic era, some movies used atomic energy as the evil curse making for over and under sized beings like the shrinking man or the giant tarantula spider in the icon at left.   Like all Castle Movies, each was a 10 minute or so “reader’s digest” version of a regular hour or two movie.

Castle films recorded the highlights for each movie, occasionally making their truncated versions hard to follow unless you remembered seeing the longer movie. It was a great evening with coffee, treats, and popcorn for all courtesy of John and Sonja (Sonja also made the halloween special mini-muffins with eye-balls and other gory bits to suit the occasion.

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