1958 – what a year! what a decade!

August 11, 19958 article in LIFE

Toronto. On page 13 of the August 11, 1958 issue of LIFE magazine is the lead article touting the amazing rise of photography in the States (and, although left unmentioned in this American-centric magazine,  around the world, too) over the decade of 1948-1958 Рand 1958 was barely half over at the time.

Like I noted in the recent posts, it was indeed the golden age of photography. The photo selected here is a convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses at Yankee Stadium in the big apple. Sitting on the dugout roof are a flock of photographers – most if not all amateurs. Cameras range from dead-simple box cameras to the most elaborate models made at the time.

All cameras then used film. In fact, most amateurs used black and white negative film. Marketeers struggled mightily to encourage the shutter bugs to move to colour and flash using American made cameras, films, and bulbs. Short years later American cameras (except Kodak) and flash bulbs had sunk beneath the waves of history seldom to be seen again. This was mostly followed around the end of the century by film itself as digital and smartphones took over.

Today, film technology is a stubborn niche process practiced by students and historians alike. Fairs and auctions like our PHSC ones serve these communities as well as collectors with cameras, accessories and materials no longer sold in retail shops!

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