light and bright

LIFE ad for Argus projector

Toronto. What could those 8mm movie fanatics really, really want in a projector? Tiny? Compact? Light? Room filling? Bright? All of this and more?

According to this September 15, 1958 ad in LIFE, Argus created all these things. Through engineering, the projector was shrunk in size and reduced in weight. A fast (f/1.5) wide angle lens made it room filling and the use of a special Sylvania projection bulb with a built-in reflector solved the brightness issue. (Sylvania owned Argus at the time.)

With this wizardry, a family could sit in a darkened room and watch fuzzy, low resolution movies stutter across the screen. Hard to imagine today when you can view a high resolution, sharp, bright video in daylight on a screen so small it fits in your pocket!

Commercial movies, how-to guides, works by students and little kids, TV shows and series (streaming), and tons more free shorts on sites such as Youtube. Even school kids have the skills and tools to make video shorts that were simply impossible half a century ago. Amazing!

Thanks George for another thought provoking ad from the ubiquitous LIFE magazine that spread the words and pictures of a middle class American way of life in the mid last century.


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