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Kodacolor announced in June 30th, 1958 LIFE ad

Toronto. Kodacolor first hit the retailers in 1942. By 1958 the use of 35mm cameras forced Kodak to offer the venerable colour negative film for prints in 35mm camera format and cassettes,

Kodak initially charged for processing when you bought the film. A USA decision in the early 1950s went against Big Yellow Father splitting developing the film from the price of the film, opening the door to other companies both large and small to do developing using Kodak’s chemistry or formulae.

After creating 35mm cassettes, Kodacolor was short lived as the name changed with increased speed to Kodacolor-X and then Kodacolor II and so on.

My sincere thanks to PHSC member George Dunbar for alerting me to this advertisement in the June 30th, 1958  issue of  LIFE magazine. On page 58, just after the Brigette Bardot article (A Lot More Than Meets the Eye 🙂 and before the Parkay Margarine and Shell Oil  ads .

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