as easy to set as a clock…


Toronto. The old saying “lipstick on a pig” implies cosmetic changes to a product with little or no internal changes. Argus up graded the C-3 in various ways as the camera market evolved.

The Match-Matic (sometimes shown as Matchmatic) added an accessory shoe and simple exposure meter to the venerable C-3. Once the marketeers got hold of the changes, they touted in ads like this in the May 5, 1958 issue of LIFE that the camera was “as easy to set as a clock”. The meter wasn’t coupled. Just match the meter number to the lens – after setting the shutter dial for “scenes” or “action” (ASA or ISO rating of the film is not mentioned).

NB. This is one of a number of photographic ads in LIFE magazine spotted by George Dunbar who actively browses the web for photographic material.

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