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Kodak was everywhere in 1957

Toronto.  In the early to mid last century Kodak was the pre-eminent name in photography. The company was known world-wide. Retailers featured Kodak film, paper, and if not exclusively camera shops, Kodak cameras and gift kits.

Kodak offered every imaginable variety of camera: box, 35mm, professional (Graflex), movie, stereo, fancy, or cheap. A camera for everyone and an insistence on using Kodak accessories, filters, films and papers.

A Professional branch catered to the pros offering professional products not readily available to amateurs. I can remember asking a retailer for a Kodak product and being advised I would have to contact Kodak or its professional chain for the product since he could not order it.

This 1957 ad in LIFE shows the amazingly wide range of Kodak products for amateurs back in the mid last century when the Rochester company was a force to be reckoned with (as I mangle my grammar). A special thanks to George Dunbar for sourcing the ad and bringing back so many memories.

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