home movies over 60 years ago

DeJur in LIFE June 4, 1956

Toronto. Back in January of this year I did a post on DeJur and their 1954 ad in LIFE Two years later they are still banging away at home movies via an ad in LIFE.  As mentioned in my January post, the company did many things to try and make a profit including home movies.

The low end home movie scene was ably covered by the Kodak Brownie line but many others like DeJur struggled to compete with the great yellow father.

The high end was covered by many companies like Zeiss. Best remembered is the Swiss company Paillard. Their Bolex 16mm and 8mm movie cameras are those considered best as high end, high quality equipment.

Thanks to George Dunbar for sourcing this advertisement on page 70 in the June 4, 1956 issue of LIFE magazine.

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