getting ready for the 6th

my uncle joins the army of WW2. He was 15.

Toronto. When war was declared in September 1939, my uncle was too young and lied about his age to sign up. He trained in Canada and then embarked for England and more training. Being young, he was assigned less dangerous missions, including eventually the liberation of  Holland and Belgium. He never joined the gang of brave men who tackled Normandy those many years ago.

Years later, he told me stories about his war time escapades. He said he signed up because he thought it was the only way he would ever see Europe. He never expected to survive the war. He had his first taste of beer as a soldier in England. He left for Europe a kid and returned home five years later as a young man of 21.

My grandmother had this black and white photo of him in uniform coloured – a proven way to obtain coloured prints in those days.

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