PHSC News issue 18-07 for January 2019

Hasselblad C/M c1970-94
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Toronto. Editor Pushchak has released another incredible pdf newsletter. What a bargain! 10 pages. Full colour. With her snappy style, lots of photos, and a single page per article, Sonja is aiming at a younger crowd with less interest or time to spare on matters photographic.

For those wishing more in depth articles, we offer our now well established paper journal, Photographic Canadiana with fewer but more intense articles on history, images, equipment, and collecting. For the very modest fee of $32/four issues it is truly a bargain, plus you get a membership and ten monthly presentations by people well experienced in the art of photography.

In this issue of PHSC News, we begin with a look back at Watergate in America (thinking of the current umm president) followed by our first road show to open the Kodak Canada exhibit at Ryerson’s RIC. Photo book 101 looks at The Apollo Project from the year 2000 book of the same name.  After the March Auction Poster, David regales us with a means to process and “scan” 4×5 cut film for those of us who are sans scanner.

This article is followed by a Holocaust Memorial, Web Links, and all the other features and columns we have come to know and enjoy. Did I mention the price? FREE! you can down load or read the latest issue here, see all issues (18 years) under the sub menu items below menu item NEWSLETTER, or even leave your email address here for a personal copy mailed directly to your inbox every month of the year (except summer, when the livin’ is easy …).

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